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“Power 50 database – selection criteria

The eGR Power 50 list is published annually, providing a comprehensive guide to the leading operators in the eGaming industry.

Here is a guide to the criteria companies are judged against to rank them in the Power 50.


Certain financial information for the 12 months ending 30 June 2011, with comparatives for the 12 months ending 30 June 2010, was requested. This has informed judging significantly, albeit for various reasons not published within commentary on each. Where no information was received, or information submitted remained incomplete, details were extracted from relevant publicly available financial information, including from periods other than those with a July to June base. No verification has been taken on financials otherwise sourced.

Financial scores judged on weighted average of absolute values, including net gaming revenue (NGR), earnings-based measures – adjusted for any non-recurring items considered relevant – and player numbers. The weighted average of those values is multiplied by a growth factor to arrive at a raw score. The growth factor is computed by calculating a weighted average of year-on-year comparisons for NGR, adjusted earnings-based measures and player numbers.

Marks are given to each operator, applying the absolute values and raw scores, for relative size and growth. Additional marks are then awarded for financial stability and other relevant factors.

Each company is given a score out of 50.


Judged by eGR with input from analysts. In the past 12 months has the company set out and achieved its strategic objectives? Has the board delivered on its promises and have results and customers grown as a result?

How much legitimate reach does an operator have within regulated and non-regulated markets? With investors placing a premium on earnings from regulated markets, operators are marked down for operations in black and arguably grey territories.

Each company is given a score out of 30.


Judged by a panel of marketing experts. How widely recognised, valued and trusted a brand is determines its popularity and eventual profitability. Also, which operators have successfully gone the extra mile to market their brands and generate more customers as a result.

The diversity category was omitted this year and will be left out in future.

Each company is given a score out of 20.”